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Escort or Courtesan?

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Many will recognize the terms “high class escort” and “courtesan” and have seen them mentioned many times before. But what’s the difference? Let us start at the beginning. Any type of escort is not better then the other, merely different. Also, opinions might differ on the exact differences..

What she offers

In general, a regular escort will provide a mostly sexual service. Her client is most likely looking for no-strings-attched sex and not interested in romance and intimacy. Its about satisfying mostly physical needs. Specific sexual requests, such as anal sex, can be requested per booking and are usually charged extra for.

An high class escort will not only focus on physical needs but also mental needs. Therefore what she provides is not referred to as a service, but as a so-called Girlfriend Experience (GFE). The high class escort will create an atmosphere that is similar to the perfect first date. A connection is built outside the bedroom first, she will seduce and be seduced and offer a sensual and romantic experience. Specific sexual requests can be made but are depending on the connection between client and escort and are not charged extra for as rates are based on the time spent with the escort and not on which services she provides. In general, a regular escort will not (French) kiss with her clients, unlike an high class escort or courtesan. The Girlfriend Experience will feel warm, intimate and romantic and due to this nature, dinner dates are common. Having said that, sex is almost always part of the booking but will not be initiated within the first hour of most bookings.

A courtesan is in many ways similar to an high class escort, but takes the Girlfriend Experience to another level. She is capable to create a deeper connection with her client and connect with him on a spiritual level as well. A courtesan, is before anything else is a lady, a talented entertainer on many levels, from the social to the erotic. She is highly educated, sophisticated, dynamic, confident, integer and more beautiful from the inside then the outside, regardless of her physical beauty.

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