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Girls night in, an encounter that opened my sexual eyes!

It had been a long day; I was exhausted and desperately needed some cheering up.  I walked over to the wine cabinet and looked at the bottle of French Bordeaux staring at back me invitingly. Perfect, a large glass of two and an early night with the new toy that arrived in the post last week but just not had the chance to use.  Tonight, was going to be about me, forgetting about the day I just had, and I was feeling a little horny.  

No sooner, had I plucked the dusty bottle of red from the cabinet, but my phone pinged….” Fancy helping me with a bottle of red as Shaun has gone out with his mates”.

It was Lucy, a good friend; a partner in crime for nights out or my confidant for pleasant nights in usually involving getting a little tipsy and sharing our frustrations.  Lucy was the same age as me, we met at working at a law firm several years ago and just clicked, we became good friends.  Lucy was a petite size 8 with an enviable figure, amazing breasts and long blonde hair.  Her life always seemed perfect with her partner Shaun, a dashing Barrister that all the girls lusted over, a perfect mix of masculinity and sensitivity. In truth, I had always been jealous of their perfect relationship and Shaun had featured in some rather steamy dreams of mine, a fact that I shared with Lucy after one of our recent boozy lunches.

However, all is not what it appeared as Lucy had confided with me that their love life was not as intimate or exciting as people might think despite both being successful, confident and drop-dead gorgeous individuals in their own right.   Lucy had explained that Shaun was always at work, stressed and too tired to satisfy her needs.  When he did have time off, he often went out with friends from work as part of their team bonding. 

This was just what I needed to lift my mind, dispel the stress of the day and prevent another night of being on my own, frustrated and lonely.  I could tell Lucy was fed up with Shaun again and needed to put the world to rights. 

I picked up my phone and typed a quick reply…. “Yeah sure…. sounds perfect…I will be round in 10…shall I bring a bottle?”  

No sooner had the ticks gone blue when in came her reply…. “Great…I’m sure an extra bottle wouldn’t hurt”!

I had just come out of the shower so I quickly put on some make up and straightened my hair; Lucy was always immaculately presented so I couldn’t just turn up having made no effort.  I grabbed the bottle of French Bordeaux and headed off to Lucy’s adorable apartment. 

Lucy opened the door with her usual cheery smile and warm welcome, god she looked good, nails perfectly manicured and hair in a neat ponytail.  We went through to the kitchen where Lucy picked up her glass of red and handed me the glass, she had poured for me already. Their apartment was always on point, candles burnings, the scent of fresh cotton, pictures of the beautiful couple on their many beach holidays.  We drank, caught up, shared our frustrations, moans and groans and before we knew it, one bottle of wine was empty, and I offered to go and uncork the ‘spare’ bottle that I had brought with me. 

I wandered into the kitchen, inhaling the scent of Lucy’s latest candle collection and as I did so I stopped to gaze at the latest picture frame on the kitchen wall.  Lucy was looking toned and tanned in a skimpy bikini next to a sun kissed Shaun on a beautiful sandy beach.  I was lost in the moment what a beautiful sexy couple, my imagination was running wild and I felt a stirring sensation as I reached my hand down between my legs.  

Suddenly my moment was broken with Lucy’s voice…. “Ibiza, last June….it was amazing”!

Startled I turned around, my hand frozen between my legs. 

“Are you ok”? enquired Lucy.

“Yeah sure, you are an amazing looking couple” …I whimpered.

“Why thank you…you are an amazing looking girl too Sofia…. even Shaun is always saying so”.  

Feeling aroused that Shaun and Lucy had even talked about me, I turned around to grab the bottle of wine and the corkscrew.

“Shall we”?  

“Yes of course”!

I uncorked the bottle and topped up our glasses and headed back to the living room, taking my seat on the lovely sofa.  Lucy followed, sat down next to me and toasted our glasses to happiness and naughtiness. 

As the wine flowed, our inhibitions lessened, and my arousal increased…I couldn’t get the words out of my head that Shaun was always saying I looked amazing. 

“So, tell me, what does Shaun say about me”?

Lucy smiled…” he thinks you are hot and so do I”!

I spluttered on my wine, what did I just hear, those words tingled through my knickers and rang in my ears. 


“Yeah, I shouldn’t be saying this …it’s the wine…I will regret this tomorrow”!

“No tell me, you know I won’t be offended”!

“OK…well Shaun and I have always had a fantasy of a threesome and we both fantasise about you joining us”!

“Wow” …. My knickers were wet listening to Lucy tell me about how I had been the focus of their fantasy.  I couldn’t help but get turned on. 

As I listened to Lucy’s words, she leaned towards me, her soft lips connecting with mine before exploding in a passionate French kiss, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. We only paused briefly to place our wine glasses on the coffee table. 

Lucy’s hands, now free ventured towards my breasts, caressing them firmly before pulling down my top and exposing my erect nipples. She stopped kissing me, stared into my eyes with a naughtiness that I had only dreamt off before lowering her gaze to my bare breasts. I puffed out my chest and arched my back inviting her to work that magical tongue on my nipples, I didn’t need to ask before Lucy was sending waves of pleasure through my wanting nipples. 

I fumbled my hands towards her jeans before unbuttoning the fly and reaching my hand in towards Lucy’s pussy.  It was silky smooth, and I could hear her gasp as my fingers felt her wetness for the first time. 

Lucy broke away stood up, peeled off her top, unclasped her bra to expose her firm and pert breasts before wiggling out of her jeans, exposing her red lacy thong which she proceeded to remove before standing there naked in front of me.  Her hand moved towards her pussy and she began to play with her pussy as I watched, her other hand moved to her breast, plucking her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. 

I was so horny; I couldn’t just watch and quickly removed my clothes before lying back on the sofa watching Lucy perform in front of me.  My hands were drawn like magnets to my wet pussy as I began to insert a finger into myself as Lucy watched me masturbate in front of her. 

Lucy motioned for me to open my legs wide before kneeling down in front of me.  I was filled with expectation as her tongue moved towards my swollen clitoris. I was not to be disappointed as she began to flick, suck and tease my clit with her expert tongue. Just as I thought I could not feel anymore pleasure, Lucy inserted her finger into my expectant pussy, delicately finding my G-spot and sending me into ecstasy. 

Suddenly the living room door opened and there stood the masculine outline of Shaun.  

“Shit it’s Shaun”!  I quivered while grabbing for a cushion in a vain attempt to cover my modesty or what of it was left. 

“He won’t mind, just relax” …whispered Lucy as she continued to probe my throbbing pussy with her nimble tongue. 

“He likes to watch and maybe join in if he is lucky” …. continued Lucy between flicking clit with her tongue.

I felt myself relaxing and losing myself in the moment, I was paralysed with euphoria and didn’t want Lucy to stop yet there was Shaun standing in the doorway. 

“Don’t mind me ladies” …. exclaimed Shaun. 

As that I began to relax, I didn’t want it to stop. 

As Lucy worked her magic between my legs, I held her ponytail and looked towards Shaun, playing with my breasts as he smiled at the sight before him.  He began to unbutton his shirt revealing his toned torso and hairy chest.  God this was wrong but felt so naughty that it felt right. 

Shaun continued to undress as he took in the sight before him, his girlfriend and her best friend naked in front of him. My attention turned to Shaun as he stood in his boxers before revealing his large and very thick cock. He began to masturbate himself which turned me on even more and I began to tease him by playing with my nipples. 

His girlfriend’s bare buttocks were directly in front of him with her wet pussy teasing him.  Shaun moved closer and was stood directly behind Lucy, his cock was throbbing as I reached forward to take hold of it and take over wanking his thick shaft. He groaned with pleasure and so did I. 

“He is big isn’t he” murmured Lucy.  

“Put him in me”!

With that I guided his thick penis towards her wet pussy and before I knew it, I was watching my best friend being fucked by her hot boyfriend. My pleasure was taken to another level as I watched the sight before me while Lucy was fingering me and pleasuring my nipples.  

Lucy stopped, her face several inches from mine, our eyes connected as I watched her being fucked even harder by Shaun.  As she held my gaze, I could see her excitement building before she exploded in a body shuddering wave or orgasmic pleasure. 

She collapsed onto my breasts to recover before saying “Your turn”.

I was so turned on; I was desperate for my pussy to be filled.  I didn’t need a second chance as Shaun turned to sit on the sofa next to me, I straddled him, guiding his throbbing cock into my dripping pussy.  It should be wrong, but I didn’t care, I needed to be fucked and Shaun was my victim. 

I gasped, as his thick cock entered me.  I began fucking him like I have never fucked before as Lucy sat next to him, still recovering from her wave of orgasmic pleasure. Shaun grabbed my large breasts and pulled on my nipples before taking them in his mouth.  Lucy then stood up and went behind me, grabbing my hips and she helped my fuck her boyfriend even harder.  As Lucy reached around to grab my breasts, the pleasure was too much and I exploded with the best orgasm I had ever experienced. 

I collapsed into Lucy’s arms, as I felt a wave of pleasure continue to cross my naked body. 

Lucy looked at me and smiled….” he has an amazing dick, doesn’t he”!

I could only manage a smile. 

Shaun was sat in front of us, his cock still hard and ready to explode. 

Lucy and I looked at each other, nothing was said but we both knew Shaun was in for a treat.  We both moved forward taking hold of Shaun’s cock as he stretched backwards in the sofa. As Lucy wanked his hard cock, I licked his shaft before taking his full length in my mouth.  I bobbed my head up and down and Lucy grabbed my hair in one hand and continued to wank his expectant cock with the other.  Before, long, I felt his balls tighten and his cock twitch, I braced as I waited for my mouth to be filled with the warm salty liquor that was Shaun’s cum.  

I wasn’t to be disappointed as he his cock exploded into my mouth filling it with cum.  I swallowed hard but couldn’t take it all as I held some on my mouth.  Lucy pulled my head back and plunged her lips onto mine, inserting her tongue into my cum filled mouth.  For the next few minutes, Shaun watched, depleted but satisfied as his girlfriend and I kissed with his cum running down both our breasts. 

“Shall I open another bottle”?  Asked Lucy.

I think we all needed it. 

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