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My First Escort Encounter

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It was a cold crisp January day; a bright blue sky and a low sun pierced my office window as I stared out across the city. The afternoon had dragged, and I couldn’t concentrate with the combination of nerves, excitement and adrenaline of what was to come later that evening, my first date as an escort. The start of a new adventure!

My date had been arranged over a week ago and the anticipation had been exhilarating.  So many questions had spun through my head; what would he be like; would I enjoy it, would he like me?  The day had finally arrived, I woke up early excited and aroused with thought of the naughtiness to come.  Finally, 3pm came, meaning I could escape the monotony of my office, get home and start to prepare myself for my first date. 

I slipped into a lovely hot bath and sipped a mouthful from my glass of red wine as I washed away the day.  I closed my eyes and exhaled as my mind began to wander and fantasise about what the evening would behold.  As I did so, I found my hand sliding between my legs feeling my soft, freshly waxed skin, I was wet with excitement. I stopped myself going any further, I would save myself for later, for my date. 

I climbed out of the bath and spent the next hour preparing my hair, make up before sliding into the exquisite lingerie that I had bought for this very special occasion.  It consisted of a lacy black thong with a matching bejewelled bra that barely contained my 32f firm breasts.  The matching suspender belt nestled perfectly on my hips.  I slipped on some simple stockings and my best killer heels.  The outfit felt amazing against my smooth and freshly prepared skin, a combination of naughtiness but sophistication. Next was my black leather pencil skirt paired with a fitted satin blouse that extenuated my tiny waist and revealed just enough cleavage to give a glimpse of what was to come. 

As my taxi pulled into the front of the swanky hotel located in the centre of Birmingham, I took a deep breath and calmed my nerves. 

“Good evening ma’am” …greeted the immaculately presented concierge as he held opened the door of the taxi.  I stepped out feeling like a celebrity arriving for the premier of their latest movie.  A wave of confidence and arousal washed over me as I strode purposefully towards the foyer and onwards towards the bar.  Several businessmen in smart suits were stood at the entrance enjoying their beers, as I walked past, I could see their heads turn and follow me to the bar.  Clearly, my outfit was having the desired effect.  If only they knew why I was here or did they…It all added to the excitement. 

I found a quiet table in the corner of the bar, took my phone from my bag and carefully dialled the number provided for my date. 

“Hi David speaking” answered a well-spoken and clear voice.  

“Hi David, it’s Sofia here”.  “How are you”? 

“Very well thank you”.  Shall I meet you in the bar”?

“Yes, that would be lovely, I have just arrived and found a nice table by the back wall”

“Great I shall be there shortly”

David sounded nice and his tone had immediately reassured me this was going to be a great first date. I had positioned myself so I could see my date come into the bar and I was not disappointed when I first caught a glimpse of David walk through the door. He was an older gentleman with distinguished grey hair and an air of confidence as he walked towards me.  

“Sofia pleased to meet you”. “You look amazing”.

“Why thank you” …. I stuttered back. 

As David leaned into kiss my cheek, I could smell the scent of my favourite aftershave by Tom Ford. 

The combination of David’s relaxed but confident demeanour and Tom Ford wafting in the air, sent my imagination into overdrive, David was going to be a very lucky man tonight. 

“Sofia, please do tell me what you would like to drink”.  “I do recommend their champagne menu”

The taste of a crisp champagne paired with a fine crystal glass on my lips would be a perfect start to the night. 

“Why thank you, David”. “What do you recommend”?

“My favourite is the Taittinger”.

“Then we shall have than”. I exclaimed. 

David signalled to the waiter standing nearby who promptly took our order and returned with a perfectly presented ice bucket and two fine glasses. As he poured the bubbles, I couldn’t help but think how naughty I was being but that just served to arouse me even further. 

For the next half hour, we sipped champagne and chatted effortlessly like a couple of long-lost friends.  I caught David glancing at my cleavage, so I seductively undone another button just to tease him a little more which had the desired effect.

“You have an amazing figure”!

“Well why don’t you take me upstairs and I will show you”!  

David smiled.” Be my pleasure, follow me”.

I loved being in control and seeing this confident, powerful man desire my time and my body in equal measure. 

“4th Floor” exclaimed the fine English voice in the lift as it came to a halt. David took the lead and walked to from 412 before inserting his key card and inviting me in.  It was a large superior room with a roll top bath taking pride of place as a feature piece. I already had ideas for this bath but that would be for later.

“Another glass Sofia”?  I looked round to see David with another bottle of champagne in his hand. 

“Yes please”

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable” Said David as he delicately poured two glasses.

I didn’t need to be asked twice and slipped off to the luxurious bathroom.  I proceeded to take off my ‘business attire’ to reveal my curvaceous busty figure in the large mirror.  I slipped on my fine stilettoes that I had in my bag and couldn’t help but feel extremely turned on and sexy. I couldn’t wat to see David’s reaction. 

I walked into the bedroom; David was stood by the window with two freshly poured glasses of champagne on the table next to him.  His eyes lit up and he stuttered in disbelief as I strutted towards him wearing nothing but heels and lingerie.

“Wow, you are even more beautiful than your pictures” he stuttered. 

He held out a glass of champagne for me and as I took hold of it, I leaned into his ear and whispered …. “Thank you”.

David nearly choked as he sipped his champagne. 

I then stood back and sipped from my glass, letting David take in the sight of me before him.  The power of the tease was so seductive and filled me with energy as I saw this gentleman, I had only just met long to touch me.  With glass in one hand, I gently the traced the silhouette of my large breasts before moving my hand towards my thong.  I gently slipped my hand inside and began to touch my very smooth and wet pussy.  My date stared in disbelief and desire as he sipped his champagne. I was so turned on!

After letting David watch me pleasure myself, I couldn’t take anymore.  I wanted to get my hands on the large bulge that had suddenly appeared in his trousers.  I walked forward, taking his glass of champagne from his hand and setting it down on the table.  I pressed my near naked body against his and began to passionately kiss him on the lips before reaching for his leather belt, eager to get my hands on his package.  As I unbuttoned his fly, I knelt down onto my knees and gently exposed a very impressive penis from his designer boxers. 

My tongue tasted and flicked the head of his penis as he moaned with pleasure.  It wasn’t long before, I was taking his full length in my mouth and cupping his balls with my other hand.  I could feel his hard cock twitch in my mouth, but I didn’t want him to cum yet, my pussy was desperate to be filled. 

Climbing back to my feet, I removed my lacy black thong exposing my wet pussy, before lying back on the bed with my legs wide open.

“Like the view”?  I enquired.

“You are beautiful” whispered David. 

I beckoned him towards me.

“Take off all your clothes”. I instructed.

David stood there in front of me undressing as quickly as he could.  I took the opportunity to remove my bra and expose my large breasts and extremely aroused and erect nipples. 

David’s cock was rock hard as he lay down beside me and I began to wank him over my breasts.  I took his hand and guided his fingers into my pussy, I needed to feel him inside me.    His fingers were like magic as he worked my G-spot making me wetter and wetter with excitement.   

I desperately wanted to feel David’s tongue against my pulsating clit, so I guided his head downwards to my secret place.  It didn’t take much persuasion as he buried his face in my wetness. I arched my back and stretched out, enjoying the feeling of a mans tongue explore me. 

I moaned with pleasure as I felt the first pulses of an intense orgasm ripple through my body. 

“Wow, that was amazing David”.

Now I needed and wanted to return the favour, I wanted to fuck David like he had never been fucked before. 

I reached over to my bag of tricks and pulled out a condom before tearing it open with my teeth and placing it over David’s erect and glistening penis.  

“Lie back and enjoy”, I whispered as I climbed on top of David and lowered my pussy onto his swollen cock.  It felt so good as it entered me for the first time.  I began to slowly fuck David before building up my speed as my large tits bounced in front of his eyes. I took his hands and cupped my breasts.

“I want you to cum over my tits” …I whispered.  

It was nearly too much for David to hear as he begged me to let him cum now.

I jumped off his cock and lay back as he exploded in a wave of pleasure over my naked breasts. 

I rolled over and we lay next to each other naked and laughed like naught school kids.

The two hours had passed in what seemed like two minutes but as I walked back through reception, I smiled and thought to myself…. I could get used to this!

Oh…the bath…. well that was saved for our second date which was an even naughtier duo…to be continued!

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